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Ello is the largest manufacturer of personal care products and liquid detergents in Scandinavia. Our company dates back to 1833, which means that we have been in the manufacturing innovation business for over 175 years. Today our production is centered around four markets:

  • A wide range of personal care products, produced in Kristiansund on the west coast of Norway.
  • Liquid detergents that are manufactured in our plant of Ski outside Oslo. The factory is one of the most advanced of its kind in Europe.
  • Steel wool, produced in a second dedicated in Kristiansund.
  • Sample size products of both personal care products and liquid detergents.

Please browse the separate categories to find out more about our products and production facilities, or refer to our document with  available formats (pdf file).

  • Sample Size

    Sample Size
    Ello offers a wide range of sample size products, both for personal care products and liquid detergents. Whether the products are intended to be used as samples or travel size selling units, we have a number of option...


  • Mokkelbost, Ivar Arne

    Ivar Arne Mokkelbost

    Export Manager, Personal Care

    +47 71 56 56 19

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