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Global standards

Continuous improvement

Ello adheres to the highest health, safety and environmental standards and are 100% committed to becoming even better in these areas. By addressing issues identified by internal audits, we are committed to continuous improvement across all our manufacturing processes.

The Swan label

We have extensive experience of producing environmentally friendly liquids, such as the products marked with the Nordic Swan label. The Swan label, which is the only official environmental label in the Nordic countries, is only granted to products that conform to strict criteria. The standards are reviewed every third year, which means that all Swan labeled products are continuously improved.

In 1993, Ello introduced the first Swan label grocery chain product in Norway. Since then many of our products have achieved the Swan label, for example Sun, Jif Universal, Jif Bathroom, KrystalOMO and Blenda.

ISO standards

The factories’ management systems support continuous improvement according to the requirements in:

  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality management system
  • ISO 14001 Environmental management system
  • OHSHAS 18001 Occupational health and safety management system


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    Ivar Arne Mokkelbost

    Export Manager, Personal Care

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