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Why choose and ISO

Why choose Ello?

Ello has more than 175 years experience in the Norwegian market and 20 years experience trading internationally across Europe. Today Ello is the largest manufacturer of branded liquid detergents and personal care products in Scandinavia, and our modern production facilities meet the highest international standards. We are a true full service manufacturer, yet flexible enough to work with customers who require specific production or service components.

Consumer insight and innovation

We remain fully invested in understanding our consumers through ongoing consumer insight studies. All our domestic products are trialled and launched based on solid consumer research.

Insights gained through research are used by our new product development teams to find unmet needs in our domestic markets. Many of these insights are relevant also for the international markets to which we export products and services.  Consumer insights are also a spur to continuous improvement of our existing products.

Quality control

The quality of our services are monitored by weekly evaluations and bi-annual customer surveys.

Our weekly evaluations show that we consistently score over 98% for reliability to both domestic and international customers. In the customer surveys we score higher than most of our competitors on average. 


  • Mokkelbost, Ivar Arne

    Ivar Arne Mokkelbost

    Export Manager, Personal Care

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