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Full service

Full service

First class service throughout the value chain

Ello is far more than a regular filling station or contract manufacturer. Our ability to offer product development and production of samples for testing and presentation supports our market position and reputation as a full service company.

Production facilities and consumer insight

Our modern production facilities meet the highest international standards and we fully appreciate the importance of consumer insight. All our domestic products are trialled and launched based on solid consumer research.

Experience and knowledge

Ello’s experience as a full service provider has given us the knowledge needed to provide first class service throughout the value chain. This is what makes us unique: we can offer well proven product concepts all the way from consumer insights and marketing activities through to production and distribution.

End-to-end service

Our customers see the benefits of using a fully integrated provider that is able to deliver an end-to-end service – for example to improve project communication and reduce overall costs.

Customised solutions

Our R&D department assists our customers to create solutions that match every market opportunity. Alternatively, we can pursue product development using our customers’ existing product specification and consumer and market insights.


  • Mokkelbost, Ivar Arne

    Ivar Arne Mokkelbost

    Export Manager, Personal Care

    +47 71 56 56 19

    +47 928 44 391